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All opportunities below are free to Longmeadow Employees unless it specifically states otherwise.  

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  • MetLife 403(b) Webinar is an employee education piece offered by MetLife. As the MTA Benefits endorsed 403(b) provider, MetLife is committed to providing quality educational seminars for public school employees. MetLife now offers seminars specifically geared to the K-12 education sector to help eligible employees learn more about their pension and the importance of contributing to a 403(b).
  • Autism: Understanding My Child’s Behavior in the Community and Home and What to do About It Webinar is for parents of children with autism who may have difficulty understanding their child’s behavior. Several decades of research have allowed behavior analysts and others to understand why problem behaviors occur. Understanding the functions of problem behaviors is very helpful when trying to prevent and decrease problem behaviors and teach appropriate replacement behaviors. Join this webinar to gain a better understanding of the common functions of problem behaviors (i.e., access to attention, escape from demands, access to tangible items and automatic reinforcement) and to learn tips to help prevent and manage challenging behaviors across different settings.

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