Bringing Fitness to You, Grades 3-5

This is a one-of-a-kind personal training program designed for youth athletes.  With a focus on flexibility, agility, and strength training, children will build a solid athletic foundation.  The program will incorporate the progressive fundamentals of movement in youth sports, with injury prevention and performance benefits.  During the 6-week program the participants will be challenged on various kills using different modalities. All fitness levels welcomed.  Participants should wear sneakers, comfortable clothing, and bring a water bottle.  Taught by certified personal trainer: Lindsey Nuzzo. Grades 6+ are welcome, too! 
Cost of 6 week program-$100

Tuesdays, 3-3:45 pm
*Session 1: January 9, 2018 through February 13,2018 Activity # 2125.201
*Session 2: February 27, 2018 through April 3, 2018 Activity # 2152.202

Thursdays, 3-3:45 pm
*Session 2: March 1, 2018 through April 5, 2018 Activity # 2152.204