Welcome Letter 2017

Dear Dance Families and Friends,

    We hope you are all having a fantastic summer!  We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the 2017-2018 dance season at Longmeadow Dance School. In this packet, you will find our class offerings for beginner to advanced dancers, ages 3 to adult.  There is something for everyone!  We would love to have you join in the fun! Classes begin September 19th!

   We are happy to announce that Registration is now open!  There are many ways to register for classes at Longmeadow Dance School. You can log on to http://www.lprd.net and register for classes in a few easy steps.  If you would like to register in person, the Parks and Recreation office is located in the Community House at 735 Longmeadow Street.  Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4 pm.  For your convenience, we have attached a registration form. Come order your dance shoes and  purchase dance wear, meet the dance instructors and/or register for classes during our Open House Dancewear and Shoe Sale at our Community House Dance Studio: September 8th – 3pm- 8pm or Saturday Sept 9th 9am-1pm. We will have all dance shoes available for order and 100’s of leotards, ballet skirts, dance bags and more for sale inside the studio at Community House! We would love for you to stop in for a visit!

     Below you will find detailed information about our dance programs including what to wear to class and where to purchase dancewear/shoes.  Please look over the information and let us know if you have any questions at all.  We are more than happy to help you with class options for your dancer or any other questions you may have about our programs!  April Bergeron can be reached at abergeronlongmeadowdance@gmail.com. E-mail is the best way to have dance program questions answered.  

We welcome you to another fun and exciting year of dance!

April Bergeron & Dance Staff

Here are some of the most helpful and important things we think new and returning dance
families need to know!

The Waiting Areas: Families may relax in the large waiting areas during class or they may drop off
their dancer and return for pick up at the end of the lesson. Preschool parents/caregivers are
encouraged to wait in the waiting areas during class. If your preschooler needs to use the restroom
during dance preschool parents will be called in to help the little ones. This ensures that the instructor
can continue teaching the rest of the class during bathroom breaks.
Dress Code: All dancers must enter the studio dressed and ready for dance: Hair up tight and off the
face, leotard, tights and proper dance shoes. Warm ups are welcome! A thin cardigan style sweater,
legwarmers, dance skirts or dance shorts are all fine to wear over your leotard. As your dancer warms
up they take them off and if they need to be warm to stretch they put them on. Please be sure to
label the inside of all shoes with your child’s name to avoid mix ups!
Ordering Shoes: You are encouraged to order all dance shoes from your instructor. Our dance shoes
are fantastic quality slip on no tie shoes. They are less expensive that the shoes in the dance stores
and better quality. Fill out an order form at the studio and send it in with payment to to your
instructor or to the office at Community House. We will size your dancer during dance camps, open
house or at their first dance lessons and then place an order. Prices: Pink Ballet -$22, Black Tap $35
and Black Jazz $40. Orders arrive in about 2 weeks. Cash or Check payable to April Bergeron. If you
wish to purchase shoes the closest dance store is Fancy Feet in Ludlow. www.fancyfeetplus.com
Dance Bags: All dancers will need a small bag that they will bring into class containing their shoes and
warm ups only. Leave large backpacks, coats and street shoes in the dance waiting room.
Water bottles: Please bring a water bottle to class every week unless your dancer is a preschooler.
Preschoolers may drink before or after class with their parents or caregivers. This avoids spills in class
and allows preschoolers to focus on dance not water breaks.
Attendance Policy: Maintaining good attendance will lead to a more successful dance experience for
your child and her class. If your child is ill they may stay home and rest, or if you are on vacation
enjoy! If you choose to miss a dance class, no makeup lesson is offered. Keep in mind, dance is a
team sport and it’s important for the whole team to be present.
Late at Drop Off: We do understand that things happen and your dancer may occasionally be late. If
this happens, please send your child quietly into class 100% ready to go with dance shoes on, dance
bag in hand and hair up. This will ensure the class keeps on schedule and late arrivals are not a
disruption to the learning.
Late at Pick up: If you have an emergency causing parents/caregivers to be late at pick up dancers
are instructed to wait with the teacher inside the dance room while the next class begins their lesson.
No Dance Dates: Lessons are cancelled for major holidays and some additional session balance days off to ensure that all classes meet for the same number of lessons regardless of the day of the week. No dance class dates are listed under your dance class description in the LPRD Brochure, in our dance class document or at www.lprd.net
Class Cancellations/Snow Policy: If Longmeadow Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, dance classes are cancelled. If school is delayed, morning classes will be cancelled; however, afternoon classes may still meet. Please refer to the LPRD hotline at 565-2255 for updates. If an instructor cancels class due to instructor illness or class is cancelled due to inclement weather, make ups will happily be offered in the Spring.
Success in Dance: One of the ways that parents can be most helpful to this process is by allowing us the time to teach your child. Dance is so much fun, but it does require that your child pays attention to the instructor and the music. If a student arrives late, a parent opens the door to take a peek, or someone enters the class to ask a question, we lose your child’s focus. The instructors and their students truly thank you for your cooperation. Instructors love to have the door open to class allowing you a glimpse of all the excitement and hard work. We will open the door it as much as possible when the dancers are comfortable so you may see your children shine! You will also get a great look at their dancing during our Family Watch Weeks.
Family Watch Weeks: On these special days, our students will have the opportunity to perform and showcase their progress for family and friends inside the dance studios. All other days, families relax in the waiting room during class. Family Watch Weeks: December 4th-8th, March 5th-9th and May 7th-10th
Safety: We often talk to our students about staying safe while at the dance studios. We need your help following our studio safety rules as well.
*This is a busy town office building and we have multiple adult and child activities going on throughout the building at all times. LPRD has asked that children do not play in other areas of the building before, after, or during class. (especially in the main auditorium) Thank you for respecting all staff and areas of the building by waiting quietly in the waiting areas.
*This is an open public building, and young children are not allowed to be unattended in any part of the building. They need to be with you at all times.
*Children will wait for their instructor to call them into class. Please do not open the dance studio door while class is in session, except for emergencies. This is distracting to the students. Because classes are taught back to back, we find the best way to answer your questions or address any concerns is via email. We love to hear from you!
If you have any questions, comment, concerns or suggestions, please email April Bergeron at: abergeronlongmeadowdance@gmail.com
Thank you,
April Bergeron